Cloud PBX is a phone system that enables businesses to make and receive calls over the internet. Unlike traditional PBX systems, which require expensive hardware and maintenance, cloud PBX is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. 
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Viacloud BusinessPBX is an advanced  Cloud PBX solution using Atmovia technology designed to UK standards. BusinessPBX is hosted on world’s leading cloud partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS) thus providing higher reliability and resilience.
Businesses can deploy Cloud PBX as an unified phone system. Thus, this connects all the users in different locations with all the latest  features like IVR trees, caller groups, ring groups, voicemail, etc. 
One significant advantage of Viacloud BusinessPBX is the zero-footprint for any size of deployment. This means that there is no need for any hardware at customer side except phones.

Give your Business Communication
Freedom from Infrastructure

flexible and scalable

Flexibility & Scalability

BusinessPBX offers exceptional flexibility and scalability. Enterprises can effortlessly add users, modify call routing & IVR, and scale the business according to evolving requirements. This adaptability makes Viacloud BusinessPBX an optimal choice for all businesses.

connect anywhere

Connect Anywhere

BusinessPBX can be a vital resource for businesses supporting distributed teams across branches or countries. Hosted in AWS cloud, it offers optimized connectivity from any location with internet, it enables users to work from any location with ease.

always secure

Always Secure

BusinessPBX offers a security guarantee with our "Tight Integration" server controlling the phone access and encryption. Viacloud offers customers a peace of mind against any hacking or malicious calls with BusinessPBX with the highest levels of reliability and security.

reliable and affordable

Reliable & Affordable

BusinessPBX bypasses hardware failures & outages common in traditional PBX systems and offers significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive hardware investments and ongoing maintenance, as all AWS infrastructure is managed by Viacloud

How does it work?

Viacloud BusinessPBX brings together three key technologies to build office infrastructure. Our Cloud PBX incorporates Atmovia technology and is hosted in one of the world’s leading trusted cloud partners, AWS. It works with most leading brands of phones, like Avaya, Cisco, etc.  
Viacloud BusinessPBX is a completely managed solution providing the best and latest features in your office communication system.
how it works
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