BusinessSIP is an IP based Telephony Service that can support a large number of Voice channels over a single link. Viacloud offers SIP Trunk Services that allow enterprises to simplify their telephony network and reduce their costs significantly. BusinessSIP allows you to have IP based voice Trunks for communicating anywhere in Bahrain and the world. This Service replaces traditional PRI/BRI lines to enable voice and data convergence over a single physical circuit.

How does it work?

Viacloud BusinessSIP is a premium business communication service. When you sign up for this service, our team will establish a link to your office PBX system using the SIP protocol. Viacloud uses carrier grade network equipment to ensure the quality and performance of the service is equal to or better than traditional phone lines. 
Once the service is activated, all calls made from your phones are sent using the SIP Trunk to Viacloud, and are delivered to the destination over our Next Generation Network (NGN). Any existing numbers can be ported to Viacloud and it will no longer be necessary to maintain any other circuits from the existing operator. 
There will be no additional expenses from the existing operator like line rental, etc. once the migration to BusinessSIP is completed. Below illustration shows how the service is deployed:

Key Benefits


Get started without any charges, use your existing numbers or simply get new ones from Viacloud

Monthly Rental

Enjoy a low monthly rental for multi channel circuits, and expand as your business grows.


Don't worry about a thing, enjoy free porting & keep your number while moving to Viacloud


Rely on Next Generation Network (NGN) technology to ensure you always get HD quality


Experience best of both worlds with Premium call quality at volume discounted pricing

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